Kallazagar Temple

As per the regulations mentioned in the Aagama (religious scriptures) the retinue of the deities shall be available in the circuit around the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Such retinue deities are available in Alagar Koil also. This temple contains seven prakarams.

There are other places also in this temple which are worth seeing. The renovation of the temple was taken up in a grand manner during the Naicker period. There is a dilapidated 'Thirumalai Mandapam' near the temple. In this mandapam are seen the statues of the king Thirumalai with his wife and of his brother with his wife. This mandapam is also of the period of the king Thirumalai. In this temple there is a tower called Raja Gopuram in incomplete shape, built by the king Thirumalai.

Immeidately near the entrance of this place there is a "Karuppanasamy Temple of 18 steps" meant for worship by the Kallar clan of people. There is no separate idol for this Karuppana Swamy deity. The tower constructed over this Sannidhi is full of beautiful sculptures and the bottom portion has been built in stone architecture. The door of this tower itself is being worshipped as deity. Even though the main entrance to the Alagar Koil is through this door the gate will always be kept closed. The alternate entrance only is used for entering the Alagar temple. Only once in a year this door is opened during the Brammotsavam festival, to allow Sri. Chakkaraththaallvaar .

Through the gate called 'Vandi Vaasal' we have to go to the sannidhi of Alagar. Near to this, there is a granaries of Ram and Lakshman. At present the Ram granary is used as a water tank and Lakshman granary as shops.

The Sannidhi of the goodess Mother Kalyana Sundaravalli is the next important Sannidhi after the presiding deity Paramaswamy. In this Sannidhi there will be poojas in all the 6 timings and turmeric powder will be given to the devotees as prasaadam.

In the northern prakaaram is situated the Sannidhi of Aandaal or "Kothai". The deity is seen in the sitting posture in this Aandal Sannidhi. Such a scene is not seen in any other temple. Sri Sundararajar during his holy marriage is seen along with the four goddessess Sri Devi, Bhoo Devi, Kalyana Sundaravalli and Aandaal in this Sannidhi. In this temple only, the deity is seen along with his 4 goddesses. Here also there will be poojas in all the 6 timings and turmeric powder is given as prasaadam.

Sri Sudarsanan is seen in fearsome posture standing on the Shatkona platform with 16 hands carrying weapons, three eyes and long teeth. Above the idol of Sri. Sudarsan, is seen Sri Narasimha Moorthy in the pose of killing Hiranya Kasibu.

On the western prakaaram is seen yoga Narasimhar, also called Jwaala Narasimhar. Hence there is a large hole arranged over his head in order to vent the Kopa Agni (Wrath Fire) upwards. In order to mitigate this Agni, the idol is given daily baths of Milk, Curd and the Noopura gangai water. This system was arranged by Pachaiappa Mudaliar 100 years ago and this order is still being carrried out these days. These details can be seen in the inscriptions of the entrance at the Karuppana Swamy of 18 steps. Also there are Sannidhis for Paarthasaarathi, Manduka Rishi, Ashtabuja Krishnan, Naagana Krishnar, Saraswathi, Dasaavataaram, Nachiar, Alwaars, Ramanujar etc.

Sri Raakkayi Amman, daughter of Angarsa Muni is the ruling deity of all the holy rivulets in the Alagar Hill. The new moon day is the anspicious day for her. Next to Alagar and Karuppana Swamy, only this goddess is worshipped with special poojas.

The rivulet Silambaru or Noopura Gangai flows through her foot steps only. This rivulet water carries the natural and herbal benefits and contains medicinal properties of iron and copper. This is capable of curing certain rare diseases.


Daily there will be some festivity to Sri Kallalagar. On special days there will be famous festivals. In the inscriptions on the stones in the temple can be seen the details about the donations given for these festivals, conditions and the relevant orders.

Though several festivals are celebrated here, the festival on the full moon day of Chitrai month is a special one. The Chitrai festival of Sri Meenakshi amman temple and the Chitra Pourami festival of this temple are celebrated on the same day. Earlier these festivals were celebrated separately during the months of Chitrai and Maasia These were combined together by the king Thirumalai Naicker. On hearing about the marriage of his sister Sri Meenakshi with Sri Sundareswarar, Alagar comes down from the hill and in the make up of Kallalagar comes to Madurai and gets down in the river Vaigai. He goes to Vandiyur and then goes back to Alagar Hill again.

During the full moon day of Chitrai he gets down in the Vaigai river of Madurai. At that time he is garlanded with the garland of Sri Aandaal the Nachiar who is said to offer the garland after garlanding herselves before hand. This event is even now in practice. Sri Veeraragava Perumal welcomes Alagar at the Vaigai river and escorts him. On the entire way, he rests for some time in the Mandapams along the road and gives blessings to the devotees.

This festival is celebrated for 9 days in Alagar Temple. The ceremony on the fourth day is the visit to Madurai. This festivals is attended by large number of village folks who come in bullack carts. There will be fire works, gayful songs, music and dances during the festival.

There are other festivals also celebrated in grand manner. The Vaikasi Vasantha festival is celebrated in the Vasantha Mandapam for 10 days. The festival of Aadi Birammotsavam is celebrated for 3 days. The Thalaiaruvi or Thotti festival, Margali day, Thiru Athiyayana festival, Maasi Teppam, Panguni Holy Marriage etc are the other festivals of next importance to the Chithirai festival. The festival of Aadi Brammotsavam is celebrated for 10 days and on the 9th day (full moon day) there will be the Chariot procession.

Next important festival is the Margali Day festival that is celebrated day and night. On the eighth day the deity appears on the golden horse Vaagana (carrier). The holy marriage in the month of Panguni is said to denote the marriage of Sri Aandaal with Kallalagar. This festival is celebrated is a grand manner for 5 days.

The other place worth visiting in this hill is the place called, "Palza mudhir Solai". This is one of the Six Padai Houses of Lord Muruga.