Christian Churches

History Of All Churchess

Roman Catholics

1. St.Mary's Cathedral
East Veli Street, Madurai-1

2. Holy Rosary Church
West Gate, Town Hall Road

3. Holy Velankanni Church
Anna Nagar, Madurai-20

4. Arch Bishop House
K. Pudur, Madurai-7.

Assembly of God

1. Assembly of God
Tamil Nadu Bible College
By-Pass Road, Madurai-16

2. Assembly of God Church
31, Thomas Road
Narimedu, Madurai-2.

3. Assembly of God
86, A.A. Nagar, Madurai-20

Benthegosthe Mission

1. Benthegosthe Mission
33, Kumarasamy Raja Street
Shenoy Nagar, Madurai-20.


1. C.S.I. Yuviyatraa Cathedral
Pasumalai, Madurai-4

2. C.S.I. South Gate Assembly

3. C.S.I. Immanuel Church
West Gate, Madurai.

4. East Gate Church
C.S.I. Patronage
East Veli Street, Madurai-1

5. Tamil Nadu Theosophical Seminar
Arasaradi, Madurai-16.

6. Y.M.C.A.

7. C.S.I. Cathedral
36, P.T.R. Road
Narimedu, Madurai-2.

8. C.S.I. Web Memorial Church
Ponnagaram, Madurai-10.

9. C.S.I. Christ Church
Manthoppu, West Ponnagaram
Madurai - 625 010.

10. C.S.I. St. George Cathedral
Madurai - 625 001.

11. American College Chapel
Goripalayam, Madurai-2.