General Information

The temple towers are the beautiful features in any city. Sri Meenakshi amman temple tower is such a feature beautifying the artful Madurai City. There are several places that are worth seeing in this historically famous Madurai. To name a few ., Thirumalai Naicker Palace which is the oldest palace in India; the string of temples whereever you turn to see ; Sri Meenakshiamman Temple which is the biggest temple of South India ; the Vandiyur Teppakkulam with the central Mandapam which is one of the biggest tanks in South India ; Thirupparankundram, the first abode among the six "Padai Veedus" of Lord Muruga ; Palamudhir Solai, the last of the six Padai Veedus etc. We are proud to take you into the Website of our Madurai.

Madurai has several specialities among the series of World famous ancient cities. Similar to Athens of Greece, which had developed human culture on the banks of river, Madurai is also such a city on the banks of river Vaigai. Madurai city for more than two thousand years continuously has political history and literary history reflecting the culture of those times. Among the various ancient stone inscriptions that were found in India, the largest numbers were found only in Madurai and its surrounding places. In the entire history of the World, the Pandia Kings who ruled with Madurai as capital city get the distinction of having founded Tamil Sangams for enrichment of a Language.