The Fall Of The Pandya Kingdom

Maaravarman Kulasekara Pandyan had two sons by name Sundara Pandian and Veera Pandyan. Among these Sundara Pandyan was born to the Royal Queen and Veerapandyan to another wife of the king. Because of the courageous nature of Veera Pandyan the king crowned veerapandian as the Prince Royal in 1296. This was not liked by Sundara Pandyan,. who killed his father and came to power in 1310 A.D. But Veerapandyan defeated Sundara Pandyan and recaptured the power. During these local disputary fights, Malikapur the army general of Alaudeen Kilgi invaded.

The defeated Sunddara Pandyan sought the help of Malikapur. Looting being the main aim of the invader, they defeated both the Pandyan and looted every wealth in Madurai. This was the beginning of the fall of the Pandya Kingdom. Also Ravivarman of the Kerala also invaded. The army generals called Vanati Rayars who were working under the Pandy kings became powerful in due course, religating the Pandians to the status of heads of small regimes called KURUNILA MANNARS.

The Pandya rule which started from the Sangam period lasted for about 1000 years came to an end by 1330 A.D. Though it ended in Madurai, the Pandyans were ruling in South Pandya regime of Tenkasi, Karivalam Vandha Nallore, KORKAI and Thirunelveli for some more period till the end of 17th century A.D. Among these the important Pandya kings were Sadaya Varman Parakkirama Pandyan, Adhiveera Rama Pandyan, and Varathunga Pandyan.