The Later Pandyas

The end of the twelth century saw the rise of the Pandyas again. In 1218 A.D. the Kulothunga Cholan the Third died. The Pandyas then refused to pay the royalities to the Cholas and started ruling independantly, At that time the Pandias expanded their territories upto Kadappa district of Andhra. Therefore this period is considered as the period of establishement of the Pandia kingdom for the second time.

There are a lot of stone inscriptions and copper leaflets available for this period. From these the sequence of the kings who have ruled are not indicated clearly. But these help to understand the period at that time. Some of the experts who have done a Yeomen service to investigate the details of the period are :- Doctor GILLHORN, L.T. SAMIKKANNU PILLAI, ROBERBCHIVEL, JACOPI etc.


He ruled from 1190 A.D. 1210 A.D. He was the son of Maravarman Vikrama Pandyan who was under the patronage of Kulothunga Cholan the Third. The stone inscriptions pertaining to this king are available at Madurai, Tirunelveli, and Ramanathapuram districts. During the period of this king, when Kulothunga Cholan the third wanted to conduct the VEERABITEKAM at Madurai it was refused by him. Due to this a major battle was fought between them at Mapliyur near Thiruppathur. In this Kulachekara Pandyan was defeated.

However the Chola king gave the kingdom to this Pandyan again. During the 25th anniversary year he got the title of "RAJASA GAMBEEA CHATHIR VEDI MANGALAM" and gave huge donations to 1030 Brahmins and to the temple at Thiruppuvanam.