The Pandias before the Kadai Sangam
(Last Sangam)

Even before the Kadai Sangam several Pandia Kings have ruled over Madurai from South Madurai to Kapaadapuram. Among these only two names are noticeable, viz. Nilanthara Thiruvur Pandian, and Pal yaaga Salai Muthukudumi Peruvalzuthi.

(i) Nilantharu Thiru VirrPandian.

He is having the other two names as "Vadimbalampa Ninnra Pandian" and "Maakeerthi". He is mentioned as "Nediyon" in literatures for the reasons of his ruling for a very long period. In the (9th stanza) of the Pura Naanooru songs it was mentioned that this king arranged the digging of the river "Pakruthi" in the Kumari Nadu which engulfed Kadaloor. The Tholkappiam literature was presented first only in the court of this king. This has been mentioned in the Paayirams(poem) of Tholkaapiyam.

(ii) Pal Yaaga Salai Mudukudamip Peruvalzuthi.

His first name was "Kudumi" and because of his having conducted several Yaagams (Sacret Fire on altar) he is mentioned along with his title 'Pal Yaaga Saalai'. In five of the Puranaanooru songs his courage and generasity have been praised. In the Madurai Kanchi literature the message that in the court of this king several Tamil poets made research works on Tamil has been mentioned.