Atta Sidhi Mandapam (or) Ashta Sakthi Mandapam

Entering from the East gate to the temple one can see the Atta Sidhi Mandapam. Near the door way the statues of gods Vinayaka & Muruga are seen, along with the sculptures depicting the divine marriage of goddess Meenakshi. In the 8 pillars, the eight figures of the goddess Sakthi are seen.

Here the statues of the Samaya Kuravas and the Dwara Palakas are also seen. Semi circular in shape, this Mandapam is 138 Meter long & 72 meters wide.

Meenakshi Nayakkar Mandapam

Next to the Ashta sakthi Mandapa it seen the Meenakshi Nayakkar Mandapam having 110 pillars. Here on the west the sculpture of "Yali" and the pillars in 6 rows with small sculptures are seen beautifully the thiruvachi lamp made of brass with 1008 hightings is of 7.5 metre high & is very attractive. This Thiruvachi lam was presented by the Maruthu brothers of Sivaganga to the temple. In the overhead there are 12 Rasis in squre shape.

Mudalippillai Mandapam

Next to Nayakkar Mandapam is seen the Madalippillai Mandapam, also called Iruttu Mandapam (the dark hall). This was built by Kadanthai Mudaliar, & hence is also called Mudali Mandapam. In this Mandapam are seen the statues of Pichadamar, Rush Patni, Dhasuga munis, Mohine and Kadanthai Mudaliar who built the Mandapam. (The history of Lord Shiva's Preaching to the Rishis of Dharuga Forests after appearing as a Pitchadanar is depicted in these sculptures). The statues of Pitchadanar are also seen in the Prahasam of Swamy, Kambathai Mandapam Ayiurankal Mandapam etc.

Kilikkuttu Mandapam

Beyond the Pottramaraikkulam on the west opposite to Amman Sannadhi is seen the Mandapam full of part of cages. Hence it is called tulikkuthu Mandapam. In Madurai, the goddess Meenakshi is holding a Parrot in her hand and hence here the parrots are reached and kept safely. In the pillars of this Mandapam the sculptures of the Yali are seen. The Mandapam is also called the Yali Mandapam and Sanguli Mandapam. In this Mandapam the statues of the epical Pancha Pandava (Dharma, Bheema, Arjuna Nakula and Sakadeva), Drowpathy are available. In the Mandapam during the month of Ayppasi the festival of Kolattam the ladies play the Kolattam dances.

Unjal Mandapam (The swing Mandapam)

Here we can see the swing platform with marble pillars. In the eams of this Mandapam the paintings depicting the 6 Padar Veedus (6 holy places) of Lord Muruga are seen. In the upper stonely the statues of the Queen Maxpamma and the Minister Ramappayyan can be seen. This Mandapam is on the west of the tank.

Kambam thadi Mandapam

Similar to the Amman there are two praharam for the Swami also. In the second praharam the temple of the sanga poet thirugnanasambandar and the sannidhi of Mukkuruni Vinayaka are seen. In the Mandapanayaka Mandapam the statues of Lord Nataraja is seen. The Mandapam seen opposite to the Swami Sannidhi is the Kambathadi Mandapam. It contains several rare sculptures. In the centre of this Mandapam there are the Nandhi, Balipeedam & the golden Flag Staff. In the 8 pillars around this, the sculptures of Lord Shiva who burnt the Muppuram, Somaskanda & Ardha Nareeswara, and the sculptures of Lord Perumal's Dasavatharam (the ten incannations) are seen. The episode of the divine marriage of the goddess Meenakshi is depicted as beautiful sculptures here.

In this Mandapam are seen the statues of Agni Veerabhadra, Akora Veerakhadra, Oorthava Thandava and goddess kali. This Kambathadi Mandapam was built by Krishna Veerappa Naicker in 1494 and later on renovated by the Nagaraththas of Nattukottai.

Mandapa Nayaka Mandapam

It is in the north of Kambaththadi Mandapam built by Chinnappa Naicker in 1448 A.D. This is also called "Nootrukkal Mandapam" (the 100 Pillared Mandapam). In the sanctum sanctorum of this Mandapam the divine statue of Lord Nataraja is there. This Mandapam containing several sculptures is also called Deva Sabai (the court of god).

Veerava Santharaya Mandapam

The Eastern tower is in front of Swami Sannidhi. Passing this tower, we can see the Veerava Santharaya Mandapam. This was constructed in 1609 A.D. by Muthuveerappa Naicker.

Thirukkalyana Mandapam

The platform for the holy marriage was constructed during 1706 & 1732 A.D. by Vijayarenga Chokkanatha Naicker. Later it was renovated by the Nagarathais of Nattukottai. The divine marriage of the goddess Meenakshi during the Tamil month of Chitrai is performed here only. The statue of Vijaya Chokkanatha Naicker is installed in the first pillar of this Mandapam, facing the North direction.

The platform was constructed in the beautiful Mandapam 97 feet long & 47 feet wide by Vanninagaram Nagappa Chettiar, and Venkatachalam Chettiar. The pictures of these persons are seen on the dome of this Mandapam along North-South directions.

Servaikkarar Mandapam

Opposite to the Thirukkalyana Mandapam is seen this Mandapam built by Marudappa Servaikkarar. Here is also the Muthuramaier Mandapam, with the statue of Muthuramaier. The Sannidhis of Kasi Viswanath & Visalakshi Amman are situated here.