Kilikkuttu Mandapam

Beyond the Pottramaraikkulam on the west opposite to Amman Sannadhi is seen the Mandapam full of part of cages. Hence it is called tulikkuthu Mandapam. In Madurai, the goddess Meenakshi is holding a Parrot in her hand and hence here the parrots are reached and kept safely. In the pillars of this Mandapam the sculptures of the Yali are seen. The Mandapam is also called the Yali Mandapam and Sanguli Mandapam. In this Mandapam the statues of the epical Pancha Pandava (Dharma, Bheema, Arjuna Nakula and Sakadeva), Drowpathy are available. In the Mandapam during the month of Ayppasi the festival of Kolattam the ladies play the Kolattam dances.