Kambam thadi Mandapam

Similar to the Amman there are two praharam for the Swami also. In the second praharam the temple of the sanga poet thirugnanasambandar and the sannidhi of Mukkuruni Vinayaka are seen. In the Mandapanayaka Mandapam the statues of Lord Nataraja is seen. The Mandapam seen opposite to the Swami Sannidhi is the Kambathadi Mandapam. It contains several rare sculptures. In the centre of this Mandapam there are the Nandhi, Balipeedam & the golden Flag Staff. In the 8 pillars around this, the sculptures of Lord Shiva who burnt the Muppuram, Somaskanda & Ardha Nareeswara, and the sculptures of Lord Perumal's Dasavatharam (the ten incannations) are seen. The episode of the divine marriage of the goddess Meenakshi is depicted as beautiful sculptures here.

In this Mandapam are seen the statues of Agni Veerabhadra, Akora Veerakhadra, Oorthava Thandava and goddess kali. This Kambathadi Mandapam was built by Krishna Veerappa Naicker in 1494 and later on renovated by the Nagaraththas of Nattukottai.