Temple construction pattern

In the midst of the Madurai the temple is situated covering an area of 22 square Kilometers with a length of 847 feet along east-west and 792 feet along North-South. The Adi Street inside the temple is having a length of 830 feet along east west and 730 feet along north-south directions.

It contains 8 Praharams (paved way around the Sanctum Sanctorum) and 4 towers inside and 4 towers outside with an area of 15.74 acres. The streets around the temple are situated in an orderly way and it looks like the opened out petals of the Lotus flower, as was praised by the author of Paripadal songs. These streets are called Adi Veethy that is inside the temple and, Chitrai Veethy , Avanimoola Veethy, Masi Veethy and Veli Veethy that are outside the temple. They have been constructed as per a good town plan in those days itself.