There is a speciality in Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple, unlike any other temple. That is, the festivals are celebrated throughout the year. The various festivals in the order of the Tamil months are shown below.

Tamil Month               Festival
ChithiraiBrahmotsavam, the divine Marriage,
ChithraPournami festival
Vaikasi Vasantha Urchavam
AaniAani Unjal Day
AadiAadi Moolakkattu Daty (The temple flag hoisting)
AavaniPuttu Festival
PurattasiNavarathiri Festival
IyppasiKolattam Festival
Kandasasti Festival
KarthigaiKarthigai Deepam Festival
MargalzhiThiruvathirai, Thiruvennpaa Festival
Aaruthra Dharsan
Ennaikappu Festival
ThaiThai Teppam Festival
(Float Festival)
Thai Poosa Festival (to Swamy)
MaasiMaasi Mandala (45 days) Festival
Panguni Kodai (Summer) Vasantham Festival
The divine marriage of
goddessDeivanai in Thirupparankundram

Festive days of goddess Meenakshi

There are festivals for four months, solely meant for the Meenakshi Amman, viz, Aadi, Purattasi, Iyppasi & Margalzhi months. They are, the festival of Mulakkattu in Aadi, the Navarathiri Celebrations for 9 days in Purattasi, the festival of Kolattam in Iyppasi and the Ennaikappu Festival during the month of Margalzi.

The balance eight months have the festivity pertaining to both the Amman and the Swamy.