The days when the temple remain closed.

On certain specific days during the festival periods temple authorties will close the Amman & Swamy Sanctum Sanctorums when the deities are in procession outside the temple .

In every year, during the month of Chithirai , during the divine marriage , the Amman & Swamy idols will come in procession out side the temple . During these days , the god Alagar Festival (who comes along the River Vaigai) is taking place in a grand manner. This festivity is celebrated for 12 days.

During the month of Aavani, the festival of Puttu (steamed rice flour) is taking place on the banks of the river Vaigai near the present Aarappalayam Cross Road. (This is one of the places where the 64 Thiruvilaiyadals are said to have taken place). During those days the Sanctum will be kept closed.

During the Poosa Natchathira (Pooja asterison), when the king Thirumalai Naicker was born, the Teppam (Float) festival is celebrated in the Teppam (The tank) the temple of Mariamman in Vandiyur. During these days also the Sanctum Sanctorums are kept closed. This festival is taking place in the month of Thai .

The sanctum sanctorums are also kept closed during the month of Panguni when the divine marriage of Lord Muruga with the goddess Deivani is celebrated in Thirupparankundram, since the deities are in procession outside the temple in these days.