Certain Services by the Temple

1. Free Marriages

Marriages are conducted free of charge in the temple. For this, both the Bride & Bridegrrom should have obtained a certificate from the concerned VAO (Village Administrative Officer). Then the marriage is conducted after arranging the necessary Thiru Mangalyam (Thali or Wedding Chain), Dhoti, Saree, and the garlands. The couples are also honoured with presents like Kuthu Vilakku, Kudam etc. after the marriage is over.

The Karunai Illam (Mercy House run by the Board of Meenakshi Amman, near Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakkulam, look after the arphaned children with all boonding lodging & dresses.

State Mimmta for Tamil Culture and Religious Chariter & Endovements is honourable Mr. Thamilkkudimagan

Commissioner : Mr.S. Meykanda Devan, I.A.S. Hindu Charities & Endowment department, Chennai.

Joint Commissioner & Executive Officer: P. Sivakkumar, B.Sc., B.Ed.,


Mr.R. Ramanathan Chettiar (President)
Mr.S. Palanikumarasamy
Mr.P. Devendrakumar
Mr.C. Chinnasamy
Mr.S. Rajendran

True are at least 10,000 devotees visiting the temple daily on Friday at least 25,000 visit.

The nominal fee of 25 paise is levied for safe keeping of the footwear of the devotees.