Mukkuruni Vinayaka

On the way from Meenakshi sannidhi to the Swamy sannidhi, the Mukkuruni Vinayaka is seen facing south in the second praharam. The god vinayaka is about 8 feet high & and is one of the biggest idols of Vinayaka. On the day of Vinayaka Chathurthy it is still the custom to offer a single big Kolukkattai (made of rice & jaggery) with a "Mukkurini measure of rice" (about 25 litres) .


When The King Thirumalai Nayakkar was suffering from a chronic gastric pain while travelling from Trichy to Madurai ,he took a vow to the goddess Meenakshi that he will construct a tank . While digging for the tank which is now called Mariamman Teppakkulam, this Vinayaka Idol was discovered.