The Sannidhi of Sri Meenakshi Amman

This consists of two Prakarams (paved way around the sanctum sanctorum). In the second prakaram Thirumalai Naicker Mandapam, the Sannidhis of Uchi Pillayar & Koothapillairs, and Koodalkumarar, and the hefty sculptures of the two Dhuvara Balagas made of copper are seen. In the Sannidhi of Koodalkumarar we can see the Thiruppughal songs of Arunagirinathar engraved. Next to the second prakaram a raised platform with 6 legs is seen. Here it is said that the poet Kumarakuruparar first presented his book called Meenakshi Ammai Pillai Tamil. On both sides of the entrance we can see the poems of this literary work starting with the first song "Kodukkum Kadavul" inscribed on white marbles. On the left of the entrance is the Sannidhi of Muruga and on the right that of Vinayaka.

In the sanctum sanctorum the goddess Meenaskhi called Angayarkanni (Meaning, the beautiful goddess with fish like eyes) is seen standing holding the parrot in her hand for being worshipped and blessed.

In the inner praharam (first praharam, the Sannidhis of Iravatha Vinayaka, Vallapa Ganapathy, Nrutha Ganapathy, Muthukumara swamy, chandigheswar and also the "Palliyarai" (the bed chamber for the deity) are seen.