Gopuras (The Towers)

The Sannidhis (place where the deity prosides) of Sri Meenakshi Amman and Sri Sundareswarar are situated separately. The sanctum sanctorums, the Vimanas and the structures built over them are very beautiful .

The Vimana over Swamy Sannidhi which is ancient and renowned, is called Indira Vimana. This Vimana appears to be held over 8 Nos of Elephants and 32 lions (made up of lime mortar and sand).

Including the two golden vimanas, there are 14 towers in total. There are four towers on the four directions and two towers on each side of these making a total of 14 gopuras.

East Tower

It has 9 stratums and 1011 figures of Sudhai (mortor) and 1613 feet high. It has a wooden door of 35 feet adding beauty to it.

West Tower

It has 9 stratums & 1124 figures of Sudhai & 1633 feet high.

North Tower

This is called Mottai Gopuram (incomplete tower) having a larger height and less number of mortar figures and in 9 stratums. At the bottom of this Tower there are 22 separate shafts carved in stones & 5 musical shafts making it a special construction.

South Tower

It is higher than the other towers (1706 feet) having 9 stratums and 1511 lime mortar figures.

The period and the builders

1. East Tower 1216 - 1288 A.D.Maravar Sundara Pandian
2. West Tower 1323 A.D.Parakkirama Pandian
3. North Tower 1564 to 1572 A.D. The family of VayinagaramIrusunappar, the First
4. South Tower Sevvanthi Murthy Chettiar of TRICHY, 1559 A.D.
5. Sannadhi Tower 1168 A.D.Maravar Kulasekaran
6. Gopura Nayyakka TowerVasuvappan, 1372 A.D.
7. Mukkurani Vinayaka TowerSevvanthi Chettiar of Trichy 1559 A.D.
8. Palaka TowerMallapan, 1374 A.D.
9. The small Mottai GopuraVelappa Chettiar, 1560 A.D.
10. Chitra TowerKalathiuppa Mudaliar, 1569 A.D.
11. Sannidhi TowerVempathur Ananda Thandava Nambi, 1227 A.D.
12. Kataka Tower1570 A.D. Veera Thummasi