The Sannidhi of Sri Sundareswarar

On both sides of the entrance of the Swami Sannidhi the statues of the two Dhwara Balakas called Aatkondar and Uyyakondar . In the first Praharam the statues of Chandikeswarar, Ellam Valla Chiththar and also that of goddess Dhurga are situated. The "Sthala Vritsa" or "the tree of the place" called Kadamba Tree is seen here with Silver shield.

On the east of the first Praharam are seen Vanthiammai, Lingam & next the Sun and Devis, Also the Sannidhis of 63 Nayanmars Sahasra Lingam and Saraswathi are situated. The nine idols of Saptamathas, Vinayaka are also seen. Lord Nataraja is seen standing in the Kanaka Sabha in which the poems of Thiruneetrup Pathigam are engraved on the white marble stones. Near to this there are 51 Atchara Lingams & the Sannidhi of Mahalakshmi. Next to this there is the Ratna Sabha's Nataraja, and near to it is the Vanni Tree with the Linga. This is depicting one of the 64 Thiruvilaiyadals of Lord Shiva. Idols of Bhairava, Bhoora Lingam, Karthigai, Chandran, Rohini, Thirumaghal and Kalaimaghal are also found.

In the six legged Peedavayil with several dancing figures and in the Velliyambalam inside, the renownced statue of the "Nataraja who is dancing with legs changed" is situated here.

It is said that the Lord Nataraja, on the request of the King Raja Chola Pandian, complied and danced with the "left leg on the ground and the right leg over the head" posture, This dance is called "Swarga Thandavam" (the dance of the Paradise). In the sanctum sanctorum the idols of Sri Chokkalinga Perumal, Somasundarar, Sundareswarar as Suyambu Lingams (meaning the Lingam that appeared by itself) are seen. The Vimanam (Roofing) over this sanctum sanctorum is called Indira Vimanam. This is constructed as if it is held by 8 Elephants, 32 lions & 64 Bhoothaganas. The six elephants are seen outside & the two elephants are near the deity in the sanctum sanctorum.

The Five Sabhas

Lord Nataraja is having five Sabhas (courts) or Pancha Sabhas. They are:

Ratna SabhaThiruvaalan Kadu
Por Sabhai (Golden Sabha)Chidambaram
Velliyambalam (Siver Sabha)Madurai
Thamira Sabha (Copper)Tirunelveli
Chitra SabhaCourtalam

Similar to this, the Lord is having 5 Sabhas in the temple of Meenakshi Amman. They are:

Kanaka SabhaIn the first praharam of Swami Sannidhi
Ratna SabhaIn the first praharam of Swami Sannidhi
Rasatha SabhaIn Velliambalam
Deva SabhaIn the 100 pillared Mandapam
Chitra SabhaIn the 1000 pillared Mandapam