1000 Piller Mandapam - Museum

This is considered the most famous & largest Mandapam of this holy temple. This 1000 pillared Mandapam was constructed in the 16th century A.D. by the Minister cum general of Viswanatha Naicker. The statue of him is seen in one of the pillars of this Mandapam. In the centre of this Mandapam is situated a large statue of Lord Nataraja. This is also called the "Chitra Sabha". In the over head dome of this Mandapam is seen the depiction of a circle denoting all the 64 years of the Tamil Years. In front, the idols of Kannappar, Pitchadanar, Chandramathi, Kurava & Kurathy are situated. Inside the Mandapam there are 985 pillars only. In the place of the balance 15 pillars there are 2 sub temples.

It is very beautiful to see the pillars in a straight line viewed from any anlge. In a corner of this Mandapam we find two pillars giving the seven tunes of the music (if hit slightly by a hard object like a stone). In the Mandapam, the statue of the goddess Saraswathi, carved very finely, showing her muscular hands with sharp nails is situated. The statue of Rathi in her Anna Vaganam (Chariot) is a master piece of stone sculpturing and musical resoundings. If you hit slightly the various parts you can hear several musical tones. The statue of Veera Bhadra is also made in this fashion.

An art gallery is in exhibition in this Mandapam. Artistically beautiful, the idols of the deities look divine. The arnaments on the sculptures & the arrangements depit the civilization of those days. We can also see the ancient articles in display.