Pudu Mandapam

The Mandapam situated in front of Swami Sannidhi in between the East Chitrai Street & East Avanimoola Street is called the Vasantha Mandapam or Pudu (New) Mandapam. The construction of this Mandapam was started in 1628 A.D. by the King Thirumalai Naicker with his devotion & by the supervision of his sculptor Sumandhira Moorthy and completed with fine chisel workmanship in 1635 A.D.

This Mandapam was built to celebrate the Vasantha Vizha during the month of Vaikasi to the god Sri. Meenakshi Sundareswarar. Even to day this festival is conducted for 10 days of the month of Vaikasi in this Mandapam. This Mandapam has been built fully with stones with 124 stone pillars. The western roofing of this Mandapam has been beautifully built in Kodungai Styles.

The different types of sculptures on the pillars of this Mandapam have been made from single stones. The divine marriage of goddess Meenakshi is more beautifully & finely depicted here. Here we can find the holy appearance of goddess Meenakshi in her Dhik Vijayam, the idol of Lord Shiva (Sundareswarar) and, the idols depicting some of the Thiruvilaiyadals of Shiva are seen. In the Kambaththadi Mandapam are 25 idols of Lord Shiva.

The King Thirumalai Naicker installed with his own supervision, the statues of the 10 Naicker Kings (Viswanatha Naicker to Thirumalai Naicker) who ruled Madurai from 1529 A.D. to 1653 A.D. Carved in single stones they are seen standing by the side of their spouses in a grand manner.

Ariyanatha Mudaliar1570Ayirankal Mandapam
Krishna Veerappa Naicker1494 Kambaththadi Mandapam
Chinnappa Naicker1448Mandapa Naickar Mandapam
Thirumalai Naicker1626-1645Pudu Mandapam,
Maravar Kulasekaran1168-1178Artha Mandapam
Mani Mandapam,
Maha Mandapam,
Aarukal Mandapam,
(Six legged platform),
Sannidhi Tower
Maravar Sundara Pandian1216-1238East Tower
Sadaia Varma Parakkerama Pandian1315-1347West Tower