Mosques & Dhargas

The Muslim people worship Allah as god and do not worship idols. They conduct their prayers in the Dharga and Mosques. Gents only are praying in Mosques. The Islamic ladies are not allowed in Mosques.

Dhargas are the buildings constructed in memorial of greatman of Islam. In Madurai City the Mosques at Gazimar Street, South Gate, South Masi Street, Sungam, Santhai Pettai, Vaigai Bridge and Goripalayam are famous.

The Dharga at Goripalayam was built in memory of the two great men of Islam viz. Syed Sultan Alavudeen Howlia, and Syed Sultan Shamsudeen Haulia. This is an ancient and architecturally renowned Dharga. In the stone inscription of 1583 A.D. During the rule of Veerappa Naicker it is said that the Dharga and the surrounding places were bought by the Islamic people during 7th century AD in the period of Koon Pandian. It is built somewhat similar to Hindu style. The Athittanar, stone pillars and prayer halls in this Dharga are beautiful to see. A hemispherical some is seen on the top of the building.

The Dharga is South Veli Street was built in memory of Meenathurudeen on his burial there.

In memory of Moideen Aandavar (follower of Mohammed Nabi) the Dharga at Chinnakadai Street near South Gate was built.

There is also a Dharga at the hilltop of Thirupparankundram built in memory of Sikkandar.

The festival of Santhanak Koodu is celebrated by the Muslims in the Dharghas in memory of the greatmen of Islam.

List of Mosques and Dhargas

1.Mosque at South Gate
South Gate, Madurai-1

2.Hazarat Dharuhalla Kathiri Avuliya Dharga
South Veli Street, Madurai-1

3.Sungam Mosque
Nelpettai, Madurai.

4.Tahsildar Mosque

5.Katrapalayam Zamat Mosque
T.P.K. Road, Madurai-1

6.Zamat Ali Mosque
South Masi Street, Madurai-1

7.Gaza Syed Sultan Avuliya Dharga
Goripalayam, Madurai-2.