The Village Narasingam is situated at a distance of 11.5 km from Madurai and 1.5 km from Othakadai. Near to this village, at the foot of the Aanaimalai hills there is a Cave temple of Yoga Narasinga Perumal.. This temple was constructed in 770 A.D. by Madurakavi alias Marankaari who was the minister of the Madurai King Paraanthaka Nedunchelzyan. There is a front Mandapam (court). The sculpture of Narasinga Perumal is carved out of the Aanaimalai Hill rocks. This temple is a good example of the cave sculpturing of the Pandia Kingdom. In front of this there is a stone temple for the goddess Sri. Narasingavalli.

To the west of this Narasinga Perumal temple, there is another cave temple on the Annamali Rocks, constructed in 8th century A.D. by the Pandia King. In this temple the deity Muruga and the goddess Devasena are seen. On the outer wall of this temple the sculptures of the cock and peacocks are formed beautifully.