Tourist Places - Rameshwaram

Transport Facility

There are road and railway transport facilities available to Rameshwaram from all major cities of Tamil Nadu.Rameshwaram is at a distance of 173 km from Madurai.It is one of the islands in the Bay of Mannar. Rameshwaram is one of the important holy places in India for tourism. Those who visit Varanasi of North India shall visit Rameshwaram in South India also as per the convention. Every person of the Hindu Religion considers holy to visit Rameshwaram at least once in their lifetime. This place is considered to have become holy since Sri Ram on his return from Ceylon worshipped Lord Shiva in this place.

Tourist office

14, East Ther street


Tourism Information Centre

Railway Station

Temple Information Centre

Situated on the eastern side of the temple.

Articles worth buying

Handicrafts materials, shells, beads and palm leaf artifacts are famous.

Ganda Madana Parvatham

This place is at a distance of 3 km from the Bus Stand. The word Ganda Madana Parvatham means the 'Hill with enchanting fragrance'. The place situated in the centre of the island looks like a hillock. The foot steps of Sri Ram are seen here. Standing over this hillock one can see the entire area of the island. It is said that, Hanuman, before jumping over the sea to go to Ceylon, stood over this hillock and saw the sea spread.


This island is situated at the southern end of Rameswaram. In 1964 this was submerged during the cyclone, but the temple of Kothandarama Swamy was left intact. In this place only, it is said that Vibeeshana the brother of Ramavana surrendered himself to Sri Ram.


On the way to Rameswaram this place is at 20 km before Rameswaram. It is an important fishing harbour of the Muslims and camp for the ceylon destitutes. Foreign exchange is earned by the prawn culture practiced here. There is a museum of the central Fisheries Research Centre.

Kurusadai Theevu

This island is situated at a distance of 23 km to the west of Rameswaram. It is one of the few places where the coral reefs are found. This is considered as a paradise for the Zoological Experts. There are also several islands surrounding this island.


This place is at a distance of 35 km from Rameswaram. There is a sanctuary of birds in every year, from November to February months a lot of birds come to this place for breeding.

Important Festivals

1 . Thai New Moonday (January)
2 . Masi Sivarathri (Feb-March)
3 . Holy Marriage (July -August)

are some of the important festivals pertaining to this temple.