Indian Peninsula is called the divine land. We are proud to introduce the various temples of Madurai city which are situated in the Southern region of INDIA.

There are very famous ancient temples in Tamil Nadu. Various temples are seen in every village in Tamil Nadu. There are three places in Tamil Nadu famous even to-day ,wherein there are hundred of temples, viz, Madurai, Kanjeepuram & Kumbakonam. In these holy places we can see very attractive temple towers in almost all the streets.

In India there are two places called Madurai and North Madurai. North Madurai, ie. Madurai at North is the birth place of Lord Krishna. South Madurai is the divine birth place of goddess Meenakshi. Madurai is the place of glory where god conducted Poojas for his own self. The god and the goddess of the Saivite faction ruled only in this Madurai. The god has performed 64 Thiruvilayadals (the divine sportings) in this place and showered his blessings to all, from a small creature to the Devas (gods).

It is no wonder that there are so many temples here where such holy incidents have taken place. Since Madurai is full of temples and all activities are centered around these temples, this city is called a temple city. There are more than 1000 temples within the Madurai Corporation limits; however some hundreds only have been registered in the government documents.

We can divide them as two types, viz. Ancient temples & nearby temples. Depending upon the size and grandness, we can group them as large, average, compact, small and tiny temples.

Sri Meenakshi Amman Temple
Koodalalzhagar Perumal Koil
Inmaiyil Nanmai Tharuvar Koil
Sri Navaneetha Krishnan Koil
Sri Madana Gopala Swamy Temple
Vandiyur Mariamman Koil
Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Koil
Sri Ananda Iyyappan Temple
Chellathamman Koil
Nakkheerar Temple
Geetha Natana Gopala Mandir