Geetha Natana Gopala Mandir

Natanagopal Nayaki Swamy is one of the great souls that lived in India in the line of Various Alwars, Nayanmars like Meerabai, Aandaal, Thulasidas, Kabirdas, Puranthara Dasar, Dukaram, Arunagiri Nathar, Thyaga Birammam, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Bhagavaan, Ramalinga Vallalaar.

An artistic temple has been built on the west street of Teppakulam in the name of Nayaki Swamigal. This was opened in 1970 with a Bajan Mandapam of an area of 40 feet x 30 feet in 1.50 acres. On the birth day of the Nayaki (Miruga Shersha Natchatram), the Sat Sangam and Bajans are sung in a grand manner. Every month there will be musical concerts, religious discourses and Geetha lectures conducted here.

The great soul was born in Panthadi Cross Street of Madurai as the son of Sri Chinnakkonda Rengaier of Jabachi gothram and Srimathi Lakshmi Ammaiar on 9-1-1843 in Muruga Sheersha Lagna. His name was Ramabadran.

Not interested in education and the weaving craft in his younger days, he went to Thirupparankundram at his 10th age and performed Thavam (austerites) for 12 years. He bearnt Sivaraja Yogam under the Yogi Sri Nagalinga Adigal of Paramakudi and became a Sidhar (Mystic; unorthadon saint). Attracted to the god Thirumal (on seeing the Aandaals plays) he identified himself with god by changing his conducts, dress and attitudes. In his 71st year he joined with his god Kannan on the Vaikunda Ekadasi day. As per his wish, his adhishtanar was constructed opposite to the Sannidhi of Yanaimalai Narasingapuram about 10 K.M. East of Alagar Koil.

Those who get salvation (Motcham) or not:

1. Those who danee singing the name of Hari; will get salvation
2. Those who do no wear the imsignia Namam will not get salvation
3. Those who do not smear Vibuthi on the Namam will get salvation
4. Those who washed their hands with Namam will get salvation
5. Those who do the Sath Karyam (good deeds) will get salvation
6. Those who do not join Sath Guru (good teacher) will not get salvation.
7. Those who are having good characters will get salvation
8. Those who do not chant Sahasranamam (1000 ) will not get salvation
9. Those who become the servant of the servant will get salvation
10. Those who are not subservient will not get salvation
11. Those who do good deed will get salvation
12. Those who eat the defiled food will not get salvation
13. The who understand that Madava only is the god will get salvation
14. Those who are not accomodative will not get salvation
15. Those who understand the important of Thirumandiram will get salvation
16. Those who do not chant the Mantras will not get salvation
17. In the Bajan of Narahari one can get salvation
18. Those who earn and bury the wealth will not get salvation
19. Those who have severed relations will get salvation
20. Those who do not hear Mantras will not get salvation
21. Those who do not come, sing and dance will not get salvation
22. Those who come to hear will get salvation