Inmaiyil Nanmai Tharuvar Koil

In this holy temple lord Shiva had worshipped himself. This has been cited in the 47th Thiruvilaiyadal of the 64 Thiruvilaiyadals (Divine sportings) called Thiru Alavai chapter wherein the god had taken the Avataram (Incarnation) as a Pandia king to marry the goddess Meenakshi.

In all holy places the Devas, Sages and human beings worship the rare Suyambu (self appeared) lingas. But this is the only place where lord Shiva worshipped the linga created by himself.

The bottom portion of the Shiva linga cannot be seen here as in the place of Thirukkaviloor in South Arcot District. It is noteworthy that only in these two places such singularity is seen.

Somasundara Murthy is the god of this Sanctum Sanctiorium who blesses us favours in this birth itself forgiving the sins of the past. That is why it is called "Inmayil Nanmai Tharuvar" which means "one who gives benefits in this birth".

Sannidhi for Meenakshi amman can be entered from the Eastern gate entry of West Masi Street and see the "Viputhi Vinayaka" who is seated on the left. Next to it we can see the Sannidhi of Bhairava idol of human height in the Artha Mandapam. The Kaala Bhairava is famous and powerful. Next passting to it if we go west, we can see another entry on the western side. On both sides of this entrance we can see the courts of Lord Ganesh and Lord Muruga separately.

If we go inside the Sannidhi on the West we can see the Sanctum Santorum of the Swamy. Usually in all places of Lord Shiva, the Sannidhi will be facing the East, whereas here the Swamy is seen facing west. Within the sanctum Santorum and behind the Shiva Linga we can see the Somaskanda Murthy, the god with his spouse.

Persons suffering from chronic fevers are said to be cured if they worship the Sri Jeevahara Linga & Sri Jeevahara Sakthi here. Both these deities can be seen when we come around the inner Praharam (pathway around the temple). We also see the various courts for the deities of Nataraja, Mahalakshmi, Sivakamy Amman, Pathanjali, Liyagrapathar, Sri Brahmma, Sri Vallasithar, Durga, Lingothparar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Saraswathy, Kasi Viswanath, Visalakshi and Kothanda Rama.

"Naduvur Nayagi" Amman of this place is also facing South just as the goddess Maragathavalli of Muktheeswar koil, a holy place of vayu.

Here worship and poojas are taking places in all the 6 times in a grand manner. During Visaka of the month of Vaikasi the "Pookkuli" (meaning walking over the Fire) is done here also as in the temples of the "Ugra Devathas" (Ferocious goddesses) like Mariamman & Kaliamman elsewhere.

During the festival days of Avani month, the god Meenakshi Sundareswarar come here, worship and then take over the "Senkol" (the Royal Sceptre) in this temple. The function is carried on from time immemorial.

During the first 3 weeks "Chankabisekam" (Bathing from a Chunk) will be done with 108 Chunks. In the fourth week it will be done with 1008 chunks. Special worshippings are done during the fortnightly period of Pradosams. Then the god & goddess come on procession over the RISHABA Vagana (The bull conveyance) and bless.