Koodalalzhagar Perumal Koil

It is a speciality that this temple dates ealiar than the Sangam Phiods, as an ancient worshipping place for the Vaishnavites. This temple was built in 15th and 16th century A.D. during the rule of Vijaya Nagara governments. The Dhwaja Sthamba Mandapam and the Sheema Pushkaram Mandapam were the works during the period of Naickers. In 1923, Muthu K. Algappa Chettiar, built the Thayaar Mandapam with granite stones and conducted the Kubabisekam.

Special Features

The Ashtanga Vimanan, (the high constructions over the sanctum sanctorum) having eight parts and three floors, is famous and special. The vaishnavite god Thirumal is seen in the three postures of standing, sitting and resting in this temple which gives in the chance of seeing these postures in one temple.

At the basement Kudal Alagar Perumal is seen sitting with the goddess Upa Nachiar, and in the second floor the deity is seen standing with both Devis and in the third he is seen as Nation in the Anantha Sayanam (resting position). It is only in this temple, the sanctum sanctorums are seen one above the other. Convenient steps have been constructed to go up to the top floors.

It is to be noted that, like the Peria (Big) koil tower of Tanjore, in this temple also, the shadows do not fall on the ground. The stone walls on the three sides of the Athittanam are full of artistic workmanship and are having seven windows through which the sun rays fall in side the sanctum sanctorum. There are beautiful sculptures of line mortar on the Vimanam (structure over the sanctum sanctorum). In the third floor, the scenes of Dasavatharam (the ten Incarnations) are depited with line mortar sculptures around the Sannidhi.

The sannidhi of the goddess Mother Maragathavalli is also here. It has been built with granite stones with sculptural works. There is a unjal Mandapam (The suring Mandapam) full of wooden workmanship. There are pillars made of single stones seen with large sized yalhis. There are musical pillars also. All of these are special and famous.

The Sannidhi of Sri Andaal is in the north of Perumaal Sannidhi. Not seen in other Vaishnavite temples, the Navagraha idols are available in this temple. This temple is situated near the Periar Bus Stand of Madurai.