Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Koil

Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal koil is one of the ancient temples of 300 years old. This is also called south Krishnan Koil. This is coming under the administration of Sourashtra Sabha. In the sanctum sanctorum the deities Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal and the goddess Perumal Mangai are seen. There are other Sannidhis in the temple. Yoga Narasimham, Sri Andaal, Sri Lakshmi Shyakkireevar, Sri Pandurangan, Shrabdhi Nathar and Seetharam, Lakshmanan Sannidhis are there.

In the stone pillars can be seen the sculptures of Sriman Natanagopala Nayaki Swamigal, Sri Venkatramanar, Sri Venkatasoori, Sri Ramanai. These were the greatmen of Sourashtra community living in Madurai. In the beginning of this century the Royal Tower (Raja gopuram) was renovated by Krishnaswamy Iyyar. The Sannidhi of Sri Andaal was renovated by Muni Nagendra Iyyar. Sri Anjali Hanumar was installed in 1967 by funding of Subburamaier.

The other speciality of this temple in the Hanumar Statue of this temple. The hefty statues of Anjaneya are seen in places like Suseendram, Namakkal etc. A similar there is a statue in this temple also. In the black granite stoned walls of the sanctum sanctorum , fine sculptural works are seen.