Thirunaathavoor Temple

This place is at a distance of 20 km from Madurai.This town is the birth place of Manickavasakar the author of Thiruvasakam poems. The presiding deity of this place Lord Shiva is said to have taken over Manickavasakar with his love and affection. This is the first speciality of this place. Another fame is due to its being called 'Thiruvadavur Kodungai".

Before the appearance of this place it was only a spread of water. The old name of the residing deity Shiva was Vedanathar. Though called by several other names finally this place is called Thiruvathavur. It is one of the 13 towns in Madurai District.

Thiruvadavur is presided by the deities Vedanaathar and Vedanaayagi. Lot of references in praise this place is found in the writings of Kaivartha Puranam, Thiruvaasakam, Thevaaram, Thiruppugal and other books. This is one of several specialities.

One of the Miracles here

During scarce rain periods, people themselves with the burnt coconut ashes and the famine will go away (occurring even today).

The construction pattern of the temple

On the east of the temple there is Biramma Theertham. Before entering the temple one has to pass the Royal Tower (with 5 doors), the 100 pillalightyellow Mandapam (built by Manickavasakar) Vasantha Mandapam (built by Vadavooraar) and Bhairava Theertham tank (with stone steps), Magilza Tree, Iluppai (Mahua Tree) Tree etc. There is a temple for Aaranavalli. Opposite to this temple there is another gate on the eastern compound wall. This is full of stone inscriptions.

There is a temple meant for the goddess only. There are 1. Front Mandapam 2. Maha (big) Mandapam and 3. Artha Mandapam. On the south west, the Sannidhi of Kaaleeswar is available.

The famous people who arranged Pushpa Dharmam (Flower Donation) for this temple are

1. Manickavaasakar
2. Korakka Chettiar of Karumandalam
3. Kannappa Chettiar of East Poonkudi
4. Yalzgeetha Sundaram Pillai and few others.

On the north east corner several 'Kodunkai's are arranged. Kodunkai means a roof structure which will keep the temple safe from storm water, drizzling sun rays etc. In the first, 2nd and 3rd circuits are situated the Kodimaram (the flag staff), Nandhi and Bali peedams respectively.

There is a separate Sannidhi here for Manickavasakar also, which is a speciality. On the North East the Sannidhis of Nataraja and Navagraha are situated.


Every day there will be Poojas for all the 5 timings. Abiseka Aaraadhana, Uchi Kaala Pooja, Saayaratchai, Arthajaama Pooja are the 5 Poojas. Apart from these there will be special Poojas on the festival days of Pidaariamman on every month, Brammotsavam Festival, Feasting on the birth day of Manickavaasakar in the month of Aani, Poora Utsav festival, Pittu Festival, Ambu Poduthal (Arrow Throwing) Festival, 1008 chunk abishekams, Early Morning Pooja, Sivaraathri etc. There will also be fortnightly Poojas in this temple.